Why do People Use WhatsApp Mod apps

There are many social messaging apps that have gained prominence in the recent times as it helps users to send messages with many useful features. From among these apps, WhatsApp has been the most popular app as compared to its rivals because it offers the best results for messaging. But if you are looking for WhatsApp that comes with new and innovative features then you should use WhatsApp mod apps for enjoying the benefits. Before moving ahead with this option, you will need to find out why do people use WhatsApp mod apps so that you can also use this option for your everyday messaging needs.

There are many reasons why people are using WhatsApp mod apps like what FM WhatsApp download offers and the most important reason is that it offers myriad of features for improving the user experience. It also offers many customization features and options so that you will enjoy the best instant messaging services with the use of WhatsApp mods or modifications. The additional features that you will enjoy are far more attractive than the other messaging apps that are available for your Smartphone. Moreover, it is a safe to use apps that also removes the official restrictions laid down by the WhatsApp messaging platform. Hence, if you want to enjoy the use of this app, you should choose this popular third party app that is very similar to the original WhatsApp but it also comes with innovative and updated features.

The most popular features that you will get from this version of WhatsApp includes:

– Sending 90 images instead of 30 images at one time

– Sending broadcast message to about 600 people at a time

– Hiding blue ticks

– Previewing media files without the need for loading the files

– Send large files and attachments easily

– No restrictions on amount of group members you add

Choosing WhatsApp mod apps means that you are using the unofficial version of the original WhatsApp but it comes with many new and updated features that you won’t find in the original app. These apps are created by the third party developers in a manner that it resembles the original app in every aspect. The most popular WhatsApp mods are GBwhatsapp and FMwhatsapp which are the modified version of the original WhatsApp. When you choose this altered version of WhatsApp, it means that you can use the original WhatsApp framework along with extra sets of feature. You will enjoy better chatting experience and better controllability without having to face a lot of restrictions that exists when you use the original WhatsApp. If you want more features than what you get with the official version of WhatsApp, you should choose WhatsApp mod apps that is safe to use and it makes the entire messaging experience more fun filled and enjoyable. This instant messaging service also offers customization benefits so that you can choose features according to your needs and preferences. For enjoying a better experience, you need to look for the most popular mod app that will offer you amazing results.

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