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The Best Environment-Friendly Clothing Brands

Fashion has always had a different approach against nature that lands up with polluting the environment or animal brutality. As a result, the impact of the same has had a significant effect on the masses, who are trying to look for better means to fulfil their fashion needs. Luckily, brands have risen to the occasion by coming with eco-friendly means of production and various other aspects. So to give an idea about the same, here are the best environment-friendly clothing brands that you need to try out.

1. Pact

With organic cotton and GOTS certification, Pact is a brand that has moved ahead in the right manner. The company based in Boulder, Co, avoids the traditional method of production and provides a long list of benefits for farmers, consumers and the planet. Their product range includes tops, bottoms, undergarments, adult apparel, loungewear and so on. So if you wish to make better fashion choices, then we suggest that you begin with Pact.


2. People Tree

People tree is another eco-friendly brand that proceeds ahead with sustainable practises, organic cotton and Tencel. To make matters interesting, the brand even prints its labels on FSC-certified paper. Moreover, their different patterns of design have had an interesting take on the concept of fashion by providing people with something different and unique. From Women’s dresses to trousers and other essentials, People Tree has all that you need.

3. Thought Clothing

Headquartered and based in London, UK, Thought Clothing has turned out to be an essential brand that stays true to its values by utilising natural, eco-friendly and sustainable fabrics and other organic materials. Their recycling process is another aspect that has managed to catch everyone’s attention. With products beginning from adult apparel to accessories, Thought Clothing has raised the bar on fashion with a proper node to nature.

4. Tentree

Arriving from Vancouver, Canada, Tentree is another top brand that uses sustainable fabrics, and eco-friendly manufacturing practises. Moreover, the brand also goes ahead to plant around ten trees for every item that we purchase. As a result, they tend to hold the right standards of manufacturing through practises that matter the most. Apart from that, the brand has also established a goal to plant one billion trees by the year 2030.


5. Alternative Apparel

The use of eco-fieece for jackets to organic cotton in tanks has placed Alternative Apparel at the right spot in the market. As a company based in Norcross, GA, they have gone ahead to work with factories on a global scale to ensure safe and fair working conditions. Their versatile clothing options can help you stock up on fashion with needs and requirements that translate to be trendsetters.

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