The Making of Glass-bongs

Firstly, glass-blower prepares his materials by cutting glass-tubes of different thicknesses and dimensions, into small pieces. Then he heats up the glass, and blows out the bowls to create different shapes. If the glass bongs should have double bowls, they are processed in different parts. Once the basic shape of the bowl is blown out, other glass decorations can be added. The hole for the carb are also heated and blown out. When the bowls are cooled down, the rest of the materials are carefully cut-off. The edges are softened and adjusted as per the design.

glass blowerThe cooling process is also very important in the making of the bong. The heavier the bong is the more time it needs for cooling. If the glass is touched without cooling for the appropriate amount of time, there will be state where it basically behaves like honey, and there is a danger of design falling off. If the glass is cooled down too fast, the glass tends to crack too easily in the future.

The history and the modern –art

The earliest recorded use of glass was by the Egyptians at around 1500 BC. They first used it for glazing tiles and making figures. But the ancient glass vessels were not like the glass objects we use in the modern world. They were full of seeds of undissolved sand, and full of bubbles trapped in the melting process. There were records that there are glass artists in the late 1800’s, who used make lamps and art using blown glass.

In this modern world, glass-blowing is a multi-million dollar industry. Bob-snodgrass is the god-father of modern glassblowing. He is the father of fuming, which is a process of making color changing pipe. The beauty of it is they are almost all still made by hand.